Nadine McMillan, MS, ATC

Clinical Writer

Complementing her sports medicine acumen with insurance billing experience, Nadine is a uniquely well-rounded and adaptable member of the team.  She comes to Welltide having been the Patient Advocacy Manager for Roam Robotics, where Nadine excelled at detailed medical record research and training outside clinical partners in high-quality, standardized evaluation processes.  As a Clinical Writer, Nadine has made a name for herself as a dependable teammate and a fast learner across a wide array of medical technologies and diagnoses.

Patricia Henni, OTR/L

Clinical Writer

An accomplished Occupational Therapist with 3 decades of clinical practice and a passion for assistive technology, Patricia has a broad and deep well of expertise in a wide variety of patient populations across various neurological, orthopedic, and genetic disorders.  She blends this real-world experience with keen attention to detail as well as a natural aptitude for collaborative teamwork as a Clinical Writer.  Having been in management at Myomo’s Department of Patient Advocacy before joining Welltide, Patricia is a highly versatile member of our team – capable of both executive leadership, and practical execution, of any reimbursement project

David S. MacIntyre, JD

Appeals Writer

Attorney MacIntyre brings to Welltide and its Patient Advocacy Corps over 30 years of professional experience in numerous areas of both law and business, across a diverse career in both the public and private sectors. From representing numerous clients and companies in a variety of criminal, civil, and administrative court proceedings, to negotiating multifaceted contracts, ensuring corporate compliance, and mastering several areas within the ever-evolving healthcare regulatory hierarchy, David is uniquely equipped to assist Welltide and our clients address even the most complex health insurance authorization and reimbursement challenges.  In his roles as Welltide Of Counsel and appeals specialist, David produces well-researched work-product that is only outshined by his thoughtful and compelling oral presentations before State and Federal Courts, Administrative Law Judges, and State Agencies.

Davie Mendelsohn, RN

Vice-President – Sales

With 4 decades of experience running the gamut of the healthcare industry, Davie Mendelsohn has built a reputation as a trusted colleague and highly skilled leader who is consistently out in front raising standards for the people we serve. Whether through providing patient care, directing sales teams in the field, or building consensus in the board room, she is known for a relentless work ethic and an ability to implement sophisticated strategies for growing O & P businesses. Serving as Welltide’s VP for Sales generally, Davie’s specific depth of leadership experience at Ottobock, Touch Bionics, Myomo, and Ӧssur makes her especially well equipped to make sure Patient Advocacy Corps customers get the best service and the most insightful advice.

Overseeing general operations for the Patient Advocacy Corps, Dr. Brandon Green personally recruits and trains all of Welltide’s medico-legal writing staff on the specifics of the various technologies and patient populations his team works on.  Leveraging his unique experience in both rehab medicine and prosthetics, as a clinician and a medical device manufacturing executive, Dr. Green has a long, proven track record of successfully winning insurance coverage for his patients to access medically necessary devices, as well as in teaching other professionals and whole companies how to do the same.