Dr. Brandon Green


Chief Executive Officer

Guides clients from across the healthcare spectrum through complex challenges, with a focus on the medical device industry.
Consulting in NYC

About Brandon:


Founder of Welltide, a licensed physician, and a board-certified prosthetist, Brandon brings to bear a unique, diverse skill set to help his clients in the healthcare industry. Before consulting, his real-world experience has ranged from direct clinical care, teaching and research, to patient advocacy for health insurance benefits, and executive leadership in both privately held and publicly traded companies.


Brandon’s leadership accomplishments are notable for creating elegant workflow processes and tools to guide teams through otherwise complicated tasks, as well as for persuading governmental and private sector leaders to collaborate with healthcare businesses to better serve their constituents and align their interests.


He also coordinates consulting resources for Welltide’s clients in all other scientific fields, starting from a place of active listening and earnest curiosity to best understand their needs and ultimately find creative, sustainable solutions to their toughest problems.



General Healthcare Business

  • Specialized staff recruitment and training
  • Due diligence for investors


Medical Device Innovation

  • Clinical & functional value proposition analysis
  • User interface design assessments
  • Insurance reimbursement strategies and tools for individual patients
  • Large-scale payer adoption



  • Expert witness – Orthotics & Prosthetics
  • Expert witness – Amputee rehabilitation
  • Workers’ compensation, personal injury, and medical malpractice suits
  • Written reports and sworn testimony
  • Technical support for life care planning
  • Coordination of Administrative Law Judge hearings


Regulatory Guidance

  • Translation of technical issues for lay-regulators in state and federal governments
  • Statute & regulation analysis
  • Strategy for advocacy campaigns to effect policy change



Myomo, Inc.; Boston
Chief Medical Officer


United Prosthetics, Inc.; Boston
Medical Director



Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center; Chicago
Prosthetics Certificate


Tufts Medical Center; Boston
PM&R Resident


Cleveland Clinic
General Surgery Intern


Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine; Tulsa
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine