Nathan S. Green, PhD


Senior Fellow – Chemistry

Leads business, academic, and governmental clients through complex challenges rooted in chemistry and physics, with a focus on practical applications of biochemistry and nanomaterials.
Boston Clinic Accreditation

About Nathan:


A celebrated university professor, Nathan draws on his combined academic and on-the-ground experience in the natural sciences to help his diverse clientele simplify and resolve their seemingly most intractable problems. He brings together deep theoretical knowledge of organic, materials, and analytical chemistry with the creativity and emotional intelligence of an experienced teacher and diplomat.


Nathan has spent many years honing his diverse skill set as a collegiate researcher, teacher, and mentor, on top of serving his country as a respected scientist and overseas envoy for the US State Department. He is widely published in the peer-reviewed chemistry literature, has won numerous NIH grants to support that research, and has been entrusted with executive leadership of numerous university and academic society committees and councils.


When not consulting for Welltide, Nathan divides his time between teaching undergraduate organic chemistry courses, advising graduate students, leading his university’s Faculty Council, and serving as peer-reviewer for an academic journal. His bench research presently is helping to pave the way in the use of DNA platforms for chemical engineering.



Organic Chemistry

  • Synthesis optimization
  • Structure determination


Materials Chemistry

  • Nano and microscale synthesis and functionalization
  • Property analysis


Analytical Chemistry

  • Identity and purity analysis
  • Standardization protocols
  • Quality assurance


Academic Affairs

  • Grant writing
  • University governance
  • Organizational science literacy


Special Government Projects

  • Project management
  • Biological and chemical hazard mitigation.



Northeastern State University; Oklahoma
Assistant Professor of Chemistry (current)


United States Department of State; Washington D.C.
Program Manager


University of Tulsa
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry


Marshall University; West Virginia
Postdoctoral Research Fellow



University of Oklahoma
PhD, Organic Chemistry


University of Arkansas
Bachelor of Science, Biophysical Chemistry